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Janet S. Ramirez BA, MA

Executive Director


To provide seniors and their families with the best possible geriatric solutions in quality care with compassion and dignity for their loved ones

Janet Ramirez:  Executive Director


Geriatric Solutions Unlimited

was founded as a loving tribute to my Mother.  In searching for resources to assist her after a stroke, I realized firsthand how overwhelming and difficult that task can be.  She was my inspiration to start a business that could provide seniors and families with unlimited geriatric solutions.


The many lessons that I learned encouraged me to pursue my education in health care.  After a Bachelors degree in Sociology, with a minor in Public Admin, I pursued a Masters Degree in Gerontology.  The valuable lessons I have learned enabled me to develop the best practices that I use to help others in their pursuit of quality health care solutions.


My experience includes working with a durable medical equipment company where I was a marketer and then became an administrator. 


I was the Director of Social Services at a rehabilitation center, Sr. VP of Contracting and Social Services for a large health care company and Sr. Relations Director for a home health agency.


I am open, honest, direct and committed to providing my best to give you Geriatric Solutions Unlimited.  I look forward to providing that opportunity to you.



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Call:    (310) 403-3499
Fax:    (888) 441-3998
Mailing Address: 
1601 N Sepulveda Blvd. #136
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Janet Ramirez - Geriatric Solutions Unlimited

Donna have worked in healthcare administration for over 20 years.  She studied business administration at San Diego State.  She also has certifications in medical billing and healthcare administration.


Donna loves how she has been able to get to know and truly help the patients she works with.  In twenty-some years,  she has noticed healthcare matters can be very stressful for people outside of the industry.   Yet, working for GSU, allows her to use her years of experience to help make our clients lives better and less stressful.

Donna White, BA

Geriatric Care Manager



Geriatric Solutions Unlimited provides referrals to individuals and their families for senior living care options.

This includes residential board and care homes, assisted living facilities, senior apartments, retirement communities, home care agencies, memory care facilities, and skilled nursing facilities.  We personalize your specific care needs, budget, desired location, and other needs to provide the best options for you.  All Facilities and Agencies are licensed in the State of operation.  Geriatric Solutions Unlimited does not recommend or endorse any particular Facility or Agency.  We urge you to conduct a thorough and independent assessment of referred Facilities and/or Agencies by touring facilities, interviewing owners and staff members of Facilities and/or Agencies, speaking with residents or clients and their family members.  Any complaints or reported deficiencies with Facilities and/or Agencies can be turned into State Licensing.  The decision as to which Facility or Agency to choose is entirely your responsibility.  Geriatric Solutions Unlimited is not a party to, nor do we prepare, review or negotiate any contract or agreement entered into between you and a Facility and/or Agency.  Our services are provided to you free of charge.  We receive a fee from the Facility and/or Agency when you enter into an agreement with them.  Facilities and Agencies are prohibited from charging more to referred individuals and no part of our fees may be apportioned to you.  We do not solicit, receive or accept gifts or referral incentives from participating Facilities or Agencies.  Geriatric Solutions Unlimited may provide you with referrals for additional professional service providers, such as psychologists, psychiatric care, elder law attorneys, podiatrists, veteran’s advocates, financial advisors, realtors and/or accountants in order to assist you with developing a comprehensive care plan.  We do not solicit, receive or accept fees, gifts or referral incentives from referred professional service providers.

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